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It was a great way to end a great year at CHS: We sang our songs we learned all year, we heard from Kiki's mom, Malaika, awarded three special students with student of the year, heard Shira's best memories, celebrated everyone's accomplishments in Hebrew reading in Aleph Champ with our beautiful trophies, watched a slideshow of photos of ourselves, and enjoyed decorating our Aleph Champ colored cupcakes and yummy rainbow fruit!
At Chabad Hebrew School, we worked hard finishing up some of our end of year projects. Chaya's class compiled their work in their portfolios. Chana Mushka's class learned about Aaron, Kohanim and the special Priestly Blessing; and Ariella's class worked on their Tanach projects which will be shared at our closing celebration on June 13. This year really flew by!
Busy week at CHS! Chaya's class celebrated their birthdays -their Jewish ones - as they learned about what makes a Hebrew birthday special; Morah Chana Mushka's class uncovered stories about Miriam's life and discussed life-lessons we can learn from her vision and bravery; and Ariella's class split into groups and learned from the Chumash texts about the Jewish journeys in the Desert, which they will share with the rest of the class through a game they will design next class!
Chabad Hebrew School prepped for Shavuot by learning about the upcoming holiday, reviewing the ten commandments and making cheesecake. We eat dairy for several reasons, ask your kids why!
Chaya's students discovered the meaning of their Hebrew names, Chana Mushka's class delved into the ten commandments, and Ariella's class finished up a mini unit on Jewish music. In Aleph Champ, kids are moving blazing fast and are excited to see how many kids go up a level by the end of the year! So proud of our Hebrew Readers!
We spent Wednesday learning about Lag B'Omer and then Thursday celebrating it at our Chalk Kindness Event! What a wonderful way to experience this special day.
Week of April 27
Morah Chaya's class was all about the food today as they reviewed the Brachot on food with fun activities including baking a cake for the whole school, making silly fruit faces and designing Brachot placemats. Morah Chana Mushka's class followed the life of Moshe all over the building, leading them on a journey took them from the playground to the library to the kitchen! In the process, they learned more information about Moshe's life. Ariella's class started a new mini unit on Music in Judaism which they are enjoying!
After a fun activity of blindfolds and guessing Israeli snacks, we divided into groups. Each group was assigned a different person or people from a period in Israel's history, and they had to learn about him or her from artifacts, maps, photos, art and text. We then put their name on a puzzle piece and shared what we had learned with the group. It was a great learning activity! We also announced that Layla Barnett is a winner in an international contest from Beit Hatefusot that we at CHS participated in, and they will be flying her to Israel as one of the winners.