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Join us at the Chabad Shul and in the community for our holiday celebrations.  Each holiday is marked with a joyous and inclusive celebration, infused with the spirit and meaning of the holiday.

Chabad of the West Side brings the holidays to life!

  • High Holiday Services
  • Shofar in Central Park
  • Catered Meals in the West Side's Largest Sukkah
  • Chanukah on Ice in Central Park
  • Public Menorahs and Menorah Distribution Program
  • Purim Parties and Megillah Readings
  • Pesach Seders
  • Lag B'Omer Community Celebrations
  • Shavuot Ice Cream Parties & Torah Readings¬†

Recent Contributions


 Jack & Arielle Berlin
Andrew & Esther Bierbryer
In honor of The birth of Eliana Rachel Bierbryer
Larry and Caryn Malitzky
David Raindorf
In honor of the life of Irene Hollander Millman
Barry & Staci Ritz
Scott Weiner
Hachnasat Orchim Fund
Valeria Ainsztein
Julie Hazan,
in honor of her birthday,
Menachem & Ariella Lazaros,
Gerard & Rhonda Rose