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Join us for a get-together for
women of all ages on the West Side!

Upcoming Event...
Stay tuned for our next event in December!
Monthly Chavruta Learning for Women
Next Women's Chavruta Learning is on October 22!
Chabad Women's Circle

Chabad's Women's Circle provides the opportunity for women to relax and socialize while exploring both the physical and mystical aspects of our heritage. Through innovative workshops, lectures and creative activities, we explore contemporary Jewish issues and discuss subjects related to our tradition.

This year will be a year replete with creativity and well-being, as we tune into the wealth of our souls with art, beauty, and health workshops.

Sponsorships are appreciated.

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Sundays, 10:30 AM
Join Jewish women from the UWS
for a dynamic learning experience,
exploring concepts and themes in Jewish life
through the pages of Tanach, Talmud and Chassidut.
Spread the word! Breakfast served!
ר"ש לשרה לאה בת יוכבד רות 
Committee in formation