Escape The Room

Dr. Lo Tov is a European, who wants to prevent the Jewish people from doing Mitzvot. He also wants to compromise the safety of the Jewish people, and Mezuzahs help protect us. He decided to flood the market with counterfeit Mezuzah, which will be virtually undetectable to the naked eye. He outsourced parchment like paper that can only be identified as paper through scientific methods.

Chabad Boys Club Kids had collect enough clues to bring him to justice.

Photos of ESCAPE THE ROOM 2017

Chanukah Chocolate Factory & Wire Menorah

After havdalah, the boys had loads of chocolaty educational fun, including tasting real Cacao beans, watching a video about how chocolate is made, melting chocolate and creating their own chocolate Chanukah Gelt, which they later wrapped in gold.

They then wired their own Menorahs with copper wires and batteries, staples and tape.