Chanukah Lighting Times

December 7, Friday, 6th night of Chanukah

Shabbat Candle Lighting Time: 4:10 PM
Earliest time to light Chanukah candles: 3:34 PM
Latest time to light Chanukah candles: a few minutes before 4:28 PM
Candles should burn until: 5:30 PM
(Regular Chanukah candles will not burn long enough. Larger Shabbat candles can be used for the Chanukah Menorah, or use olive oil.)

*Ideally, light Chanukah candles before the Shabbat candles.
*Ideally, Minchah should be davened before Chanukah candles are lit.
*To educate the children about the importance of Tzedakah (and to give them some spending money), Chanukah gelt should be given each night.

***Do not light Chanukah candles after 4:28 PM***

December 8, Saturday night, 7th night of Chanukah

Shabbat ends: 5:13 PM
*Havdallah is made first and Chanukah candles are lit afterwards. Candles should burn at least 30 minutes.

December 2-6, 9, middle nights of Chanukah    

*For those who use big candles or olive oil in their Menorah, the Menorah should be lit at sundown, approx. 4:29 PM. 

*For those who use regular sized Chanukah candles, the Menorah should be lit at nightfall, approx. 5:00 PM.

*For all, the Menorah should burn until 5:30 PM.