Ages: Girl Scouts Troop 3131 is for girls in grades 3 - 5.

When We Meet: Generally twice a month on Sundays, from 1:30 - 3:00 pm, times may vary, depending on activity. See below for calendar. Parents are emailed the week before as to times, location and activity.

This year, we will be also asking you to join a group whatsapp to update you on what's happening, and send photos. 

Location: We meet at Chabad, 166 W.97th Street, unless otherwise indicated.

Other Important Info: We do not sell cookies in this troop! We will occasionally do a fundraiser for our troop and send the money to headquarters as well. 


Sign up here. 

If you don't see our troop, leave it blank. We will have them manually move us all over to troop 3131. 

You can also renew it here!

Annual dues are $175, and covers trips, craft supplies, camping trip, badges and pins, vests or sashes. We do not sell cookies as a troop but you are more than welcome to do so as an individual! 

In line with the ideals of Girl Scouting, we hope to encourage as much participation from girls (and parents!) as possible.

For the girls, we will work to incorporate more group leadership in the area of running the meetings, making decisions about what activities the troop will do, and fiscal management.

For parents, we look forward to your involvement with your daughter in her private badge-work as well as with the troop-wide activities. If you have any suggestions for events or activities, especially ones you can help coordinate, please reach out to us!


3 OCT 2021
17 OCT 2021
31 OCT 2021

14 NOV 2021
28 NOV 2021

12 DEC 2021

9 JAN 2022
23 JAN 2022

6 FEB 2022
20 FEB 2022

6 MAR 2022
20 MAR 2022

3 APR 2022

1MAY 2022
15 MAY 2022
29 MAY 2022

12 JUNE 2022

  * Not included in the girl scouts fees.