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    Have Rabbi Fried help you pick out a beautiful Lulav and Etrog set at Chabad or arrange for a complete set to be delivered directly to your doorman building for free.

    Cost: $75 regular set,  $125 Mehudar set.

    Free Home delivery of Lulav sets (to Manhattan doorman buildings) will be made on Thursday, Friday and Motzaei Shabbat October 6, 7 & 8.

    Lulav sets will be available for pickup at Chabad, 170 W. 97th St. on  Thursday, Friday, Motzaei Shabbat & Sunday October 6, 7, 8 & 9.

    In Addition - Chinuch sets for children are available. Also - For an added fee we are offering Derri Lulavim . Contact us at [email protected] or here for more details.

    Order a plastic Lulav carrier bag to protect your Lulav and keep it fresh.

    Order extra Aravot for your Lulav, and order Hoshanot for your entire family! (With optional free home delivery. Hoshana Rabba is Sunday, October 16).

    As always, you can also help a needy family receive a set of Lulav and Etrog with a tax-deductible donation.

    Shmittah Note  :  Because of the Shemittah year (5782), there are a number of rules relating to the proper way to discard of an Etrog after Sukkot. Most authorities require that after Sukkot, the Etrog must be returned to Israel.

    To help you with this special Shemittah rule, simply return your Etrog to Chabad  after the Chag and we will send your Etrog to Israel to be discarded of properly according to all of the Halachahs of Shmittah.

    Alternatively, you can leave your Etrog in the open air to dry out. After the beginning of January, the Etrog should be discarded.

    One should not use their Shemittah Etrog to make jam, preserves or besamim.

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