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Downstairs Shul Membership

  • Downstairs Shul Membership Form

  • Welcome to the Downstairs Shul at Chabad! 

    A community on the Upper West Side Created for and by a group of amazing young Jews!
    Led by Rabbis Yisrael and Chanchy and Mendel and Chayale Kugel.

    The DSS offers a Shabbat Morning Shul that provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can be inspired, rejuvenate as well as catch up with friends over a delicious hot kiddush!

    Shabbat dinners and events and classes throughout the week keep all of our members constantly engaged.

    Now with our new beautiful space at The Chabad Annex we need your partnership more than ever!



    Membership gives you the opportunity to support the Shul you love and be a partner in this beautiful community.
    The monthly giving format allows one to be in a constant state of giving!

    • Membership includes spouses


    Membership benefits include: Applies only to Investors and Partners.

    25% discount on event space rental in our beautiful new space!
    10% Discount on all DSS events 

  • Please choose a membership level below. Your choice will be charged monthly.

  • We would love to be able to celebrate and commemorate your special days! Please share as much info as you'd like!

  • Please share the important events in your life such as birthdays and yartzeits, with the Downstairs Shul. Please share dates and descriptions in the space below.

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  • Founders Circle
    Anonymous is honor of Klal Yisrael 

    Anonymous | Anonymous | Charles Carey

    Tier 1
    Jonathan Dubin | Steven Bernstein | Nadav Davis | Effi Gittler

    Tier 2
    Jacob Henschel | Jacob Blitstein | Yonatan Spero | Marina Barakhan | Edwin Steinfeld | Shachar Binyamin | Riva Preil | Yochanan & Shely Garelick | Shayna Whiteman | Shoshana Fiorino | Robert Murstein | Daniel and Melissa Davis | Sasha Raytman | Gracie And Tony Newmark |  Daniel Weil | Bruce Flohr | Gabriel Rubin | David Rosenblatt | Ariel Szulc | Natanella Har-Sinay | Ariel Herzog | Idan Dadon | Rachel Briks | Alia Friedman | Rachel Shpayher | Ilana Whitman | Aharon Plumer | Dov Kalton | Jerome Kelman | Josh Denburg | Abigail Mannis | Uri Schulman | Zach Horowitz | Aharon Plumer

    Chai Club

    David Deutscher | Carolyn Marcus | Isaac Puder | Dani Gottlieb | Eli Aharon | Chloe Godin | Shira Winter | Joseph Rothenberg | Josh Kramer |Elyza Veta

    Join this group of monthly donors and invest in your community and Shul, The Downstairs Shul at

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