We have  2 wonderful events for you to join today!

1. Car Parade

FOLLOW OUR PROGRESS AT https://glympse.com/!lag2020 . STARTS AT 5!

2. Kumzitz 
See info bel

Lag Bomer truckupdated.png

Every year on Lag B’Omer, Chabad celebrates with wonderful community events.
Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a huge block party attracting thousands, we mark this special day of unity with a joyful celebration.

This year, we are bringing the Joy of Lag B’Omer to YOU!

Follow our Lag BaOmer Video Truck in a CAR PARADE with YOUR CAR through the Avenues of the UWS!
Don't have a car? Make a sign Follow the Route and WAVE from your street corner! 

Make signs, decorate your car, and click here to JOIN the parade starting at 5pm!

Click here to see the route in Google Maps - and - 
Click here for a PDF of the route - with helpful, indicating arrows - and -
Click here for a detailed, line by line route.

You will be able to follow our route procession in real-time on Glympse (- a free, travel / tracking app). 
We will post the Glympse link HERE on THIS page as we set out from Chabad at 5pm.

WATCH the CAR PARADE LIVE on facebook.com/rabbichayim

Contribute to this program!

Support Hatzalah of the Upper West Side 


Image may contain: fire and night, possible text that says 'B"H Songs and Stories with Rabbi Chayim E Morah Sarah LAG B'OMER KUMZITZ with Chabad Family Programs TUESDAY, MAY 12, 7:30 PM YOUTUBE LIVE YOUTUBE. COM M/RABBICBA'