On Mondays, we will be hosting ZOOM classes for our students who opt for virtual learning.

We will be using the "Bring it Home" Curriculum, and we will be dropping off or mailing boxes periodically to our families who are enrolled that will have supplies, printouts and even ingredients for baking activities.

 We ask that families prepare for online learning by removing other distractions from the learning space; making sure the internet connection is fast and secure; that the child is comfortable and can have his or her camera on the whole time so we can see them throughout the lesson. 

 You will be receiving an email with your class zoom invitation. It will remain the same throughout the year and will be password protected.

In addition, occasionally when we do a bigger school-wide event, we will send a separate zoom invitation as well. 

The learning will be from 4 - 5 pm followed by a 15 slot of Hebrew reading with one of our teachers. You can choose the teacher and the time slot, based on availability. We will be once again using the Aleph Champ program via the pdfs, and some other learning tools including Jitap for games, etc. We will have the children record their reading using a google form at the end of class, so we can keep track of their progress.

To book the time slots for your children personal reading time with their teachers, click on the button below to go to our appointy site. There is no additional cost for this, its included in tuition.