Chabad Women's Book Club
with Sarah Alevsky

Tuesdays, twice monthly, at 8 PM on Zoom
Beginning Tuesday, November 10, 2020

First book:  Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times
by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

morality book.jpg

With liberal democracy embattled, public discourse grown toxic, family life breaking down, and drug abuse and depression on the rise, many fear what the future holds.

In Morality, respected faith leader and public intellectual Jonathan Sacks traces today's crisis to our loss of a strong, shared moral code and our elevation of self-interest over the common good. We have outsourced morality to the market and the state, but neither is capable of showing us how to live. Sacks leads readers from ancient Greece to the Enlightenment to the present day to show that there is no liberty without morality and no freedom without responsibility, arguing that we all must play our part in rebuilding a common moral foundation. A major work of moral philosophy, Morality is an inspiring vision of a world in which we can all find our place and face the future without fear. 

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We will dedicate our classes to the speedy recovery of HaRav Ya'akov Zvi ben Liba