676 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10025

Daily Minyan
The Chabad Annex is now home to Chabad of the West Side's Daily Minyan.
A place to pray, connect and gain the right perspective as we go about tackling the challenges of the day.

Shachrit- 9:30 AM

*Minyan times subject to change. Please email [email protected] to gain access to an exclusive minyan Whatsapp group for more up to date information.


Yeshivat Hashluchim
Established 5 years ago, Yeshivat Hashluchim is a authentic Yeshiva where a group of advanced Yeshiva students from around the world are study towards receiving their Rabbinical Ordination.

The students are available for 1-1 study with men on the Upper West Side on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Feel free to pop in at any time and converse with the students!


Click here for more info on the 1-1 study opportunity


The Downstairs Shul
A community of young Jews on the Upper West Side founded by the young leadership at Chabad of the West Side. 

The DSS offers a Shabbat Morning Shul that provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can be pray, be inspired, rejuvenate as well as catch up with friends over a delicious hot kiddush!

Shabbat dinners and events and classes throughout the week keep all of our members constantly engaged.

Led by Rabbi Yisrael and Chanchy Kugel, Rabbi Mendel and Chayale Kugel and a team of DSS members.

Geared for Jews ages 21-35.

The Downstairs Shul gets its name from its previous location on the ground floor of Chabad of the West Side. 

Click here to learn more and get involved 


Patis Bakery
Partnering with Chabad is the upscale, Patis Bakery



The Cafe will be open from Sunday-Friday and will operate out of half the space. It will be beautifully designed to provide an inviting space to catch up on work, grab a bite  with friends or to just unwind relax.