SPARKSLAB will start after the Chagim, on October 25.

We will dedicate about 4 or 5 meetings to each topic being explored, and the learners will be encouraged to come up with real-life applications and new ways to improve awareness or observance of the mitzvah! We will be reading texts, having discussions, going on fact-finding expeditions, meeting real experts, doing fieldwork and then engineering solutions to the questions the students raise.

Mitzvot we will learn and think about include:

- Mezuzah

- Kashrut

- Kavod

- Shabbat

- Tzedakah

Our learners will also be encouraged to suggest other topics to study and learn about together. 

SPARKSLAB is open to any child for Jewish enrichment! Whether they attend Day School, Private or Public school, it's for anyone who will enjoy and benefit from this kind of deep dive into learning. Sarah Alevsky will lead SPARKSLAB, which will meet at Chabad on Tuesday afternoons. 

The cost is 1,000.00 for the year.

To find out more, email [email protected] or call 203.676.5306.

Register here for SPARKSLAB!