Welcome to CKids Shul!

Toddler Room: 18m - 3 years

Kids Group: 4-8 years


  • Every Shabbat and Holiday from 10:45 am to 12:15 pm. 
  • At the Chabad Shul, 170 West 97th Street, Near Amsterdam
  • Brand-new program led by Eliyahu and Shayna Sapo and Anya Roberts
  • Great incentive program with weekly raffles and prizes
  • Kid-friendly environment with toys, games and a full playground

The CKids Shul and Junior Minyan are structured and fun-filled Shabbat programs enabling children to attend Shul in a meaningful way while allowing their parents to enjoy the davening without worry. Under the guidance of experienced and dedicated staff, the children are introduced to the wonderful world of Shul in a way that makes them want to attend. 

One of the highlights is the Torah service. The children join the main service for the lifting of the Torah, and every child has the opportunity to kiss the Sefer Torah, after which he or she receives a Shabbat treat from one of the Rabbis.

A room with games and toys, and a great playground outside, are available for children to enjoy before and after the services with parental supervision.

A brand-new incentive program will include weekly raffles with exciting prizes. The older helpers will also enjoy several Motzei Shabbat trips to Five Below and pizza! 

Kids Shul is free of charge for CELC, CHS, Tamim and Chabad Shul members. All others please sign up.  CKids Shul Membership $360 for the year  or become a member of Chabad Shul here. If you are already a member, please consider sponsoring your child's birthday week!