Chabad Boys Club 5783 / 2022/23

Does your son join the most popular program for Jewish boys on the West Side?

Chabad Boys Club is always Wild and Wonderful! Our motto: Educational, Fun (and a bit Dangerous...)
The Chabad Boys Club is for boys ages 8 - 12 and takes place about once a month on Saturday nights.

Unless otherwise indicated: 

  • Events take place at Chabad, at 166 West 97th Street.
  • Dropoff 7:30pm - Pickup 9:00pm.
    This week: 7-10:30pm
  • There is Havdalah and a Pizza Dinner.
  • Chaperones needed for all trips (Boys Clubs #s 3 & 6) 
  • Admission is $25 per child on in-house events; Field trips are $45
  • Discounts are available upon request.
  • Yes! Please! Sponsor a Boys Club program for $360.

Please join our Whatsapp notification list for this exciting program, by sending a whatsapp note to Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky or email at [email protected]

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