The Chessed Clubs is for families with children ages 5 - 11! We will come together once a month to have fun and help others.

Every CC event will be focused on helping another segment of our community. Your children will have the opportunity to learn about Tzedakah and offering assistance to our neighbors in need.

We hope to see you there! 

Next Upcoming Event: April 14  Chocolate Seder Chessed Club

Mark down the dates for the rest of the year! 

Our kickoff event is Sunday, September 10 at the Rosh Hashanah Fair. 

Volunteer for Israel! October 15: IDF Support

November 19: Thanksgiving Food Bake

December 10: Chanukah Fest + Gift Drive 

January 07: Soup & Scarves for Homeless  

March 17: Hamantaschen Bake and Donate 

April 14: Chocolate Seder  & Passover Packages for HomeBound

Add these dates to your Google Calendar Here