All Sukkah Dinners and Lunches are held at Chabad, 166 W. 97th Street

To reserve a CATERED meal in the Chabad Sukkah click here .

To reserve space in the Chabad Sukkah and BRING YOUR OWN FOOD, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 212-864-5010 or email Rabbi Mendel Kugel at


First night of Sukkot, Sunday night, September 23

7:30 PM
First Day of Sukkot, Monday, September 24 1:00 PM
Second night of Sukkot, Monday, September 24 7:45 PM
Second day of Sukkot, Tuesday, September 25 1:00 PM
Shabbat Chol Hamoed, Friday night, September 28 7:30 PM
Shabbat Chol Hamoed, Shabbat, September 29 12:30 PM
Shmini Atzeret dinner, Sunday night, September 30 9:15 PM
Shmini Atzeret lunch, Monday, October 1 1:15 PM

$60/adult; $45 child
Advance registration required

Note for those that wish to bring their own food to our Sukkah: Because there is a limited amount of space in our Sukkah, reservations must be made even for those who would like to bring their own food. There is a fee of $10/$20 per person per meal. If you will be bringing your own food, unfortunately we will not be able to provide storage or refrigeration space.

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