Holiday Celebrations for Families

High Holidays Services: Join us for our Kid Shul/Jr. Congregation services on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. No High Holiday reservations or membership necessary.

Simchat Torah Celebration: We dance on Shmini Atzeret and host a special Kids Kiddush in the evening. The celebration continues on Simchat Torah, with a special Kids Hakafah. Open to All!

Chanukah on Ice: Already a popular Manhattan institution, Chanukah on Ice in Central Park brings Jews from all over together on the ice to celebrate the Festival of Lights. A giant, Ice Menorah, Kosher refreshments, and live, Jewish music makes this a memorable way to celebrate Chanukah together. 

Family Purim Feast: With fun themes, decor and food, Purim is so much fun at Chabad. Megilah Readings, games, performances and a full festive meal round out the celebration.

Family Pesach Seder: Our family and kid friendly Passover celebration has a 10 PM guarantee: we are finished with the Seder! Games, silly skits, songs and more enliven the meal.

Lag B'Omer Celebration: When Lag B'Omer falls on Sunday, we take to the streets with a massive celebration of Jewish Pride, complete with rides, carnival booths, food and more - if you want to help out and get involved, let us know!

Shavuot Late Night Learning: Ten Commandments Ice Cream Party
Both of these events take place on Shavuot. The Late Night Learning is for older children and their parents, and the Ten Commandments and Ice Cream Party takes place the first day of Shavuot.