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We raised $63,314 for Chabad of the West Side!

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Your Best Investment of the Year!

While most investments are subject to risk and offer uncertain gain, a contribution to Chabad of the West Side is guaranteed to reward. Your donation is immediately rewarded with the satisfaction of having helped your community. 

Even more so, your tzedakah investment in Chabad will keep growing through the ever increasing network of individuals benefiting from the tireless work of the rabbis and rebbetzins of Chabad of the West Side. 

On top of that, you will reap the rewards of Divine blessings for health, happiness and success commensurate with your generosity. 
Reaching more children and adults than any other Jewish organization on the West Side, Chabad's programming is as diverse, creative and multi-faceted as the West Side community itself:  
a preschool for young children, Hebrew schools for elementary school children, Mitzvah Workshops for children attending non-Jewish schools, CTeens for teenagers, a dedicated Shul for young professionals, a family friendly synagogue, community wide holiday events for Jews of all backgrounds, and the list goes on.

Chabad's budget reflects the scope of its audience and programming.  The results, measured in souls inspired - and lives touched - far surpass the monetary investment.  Ultimately, you are the key to all these achievements; only through your contributions is all of this possible.

Every Jew is a stakeholder in Chabad, many are active participants and/or beneficiaries of Chabad’s programs. As we approach the end of the year, we ask you to increase your partnership in Chabad through generously contributing to our Chanukah/Year-End Appeal.

How can I help?

The goal for this year's Year End Appeal is $100,000.  Your contribution will produce exponential returns of good deeds and blessings for you.

You may make your contribution online by clicking here or mail a check to Chabad of the West Side, 170 West 97th Street, New York, NY 10025.

With best wishes for a bright and happy Chanukah,

Rabbi Shlomo Kugel and Rabbi Meir Ossey

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