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Chabad Family Programs provides ways in which families can explore and experience Jewish life together. With a variety of programs for children ages 2 -13, we seek to create a community of young families, all celebrating Judaism in a warm and relaxed setting.
Fun and Meaningful Judaism
At Chabad Family Programs, we offer clubs, educational programs, summer camp, holiday celebrations and Shabbat services for kids of all ages. Browse through our offerings and see what fits your family!

Gan Izzy in the City
Six week summer day camp,  July 1 - August 9 2019
Our summer camp had its inaugural season this summer, and plans are underway to expand and make it even better for 2019. Get ready for six weeks of fun this summer! Gan Izzy is  an affordable, fun and Jewish summer camp located in the heart of the city. We have a great lineup of field trips and activities planned. 

BOYS, AGES 8 - 12 
Chabad Boys Club
Meets Saturday nights once a month, fall through spring, see link for dates and more info.
Exciting hands-on fun and learning! From crazy challenges to exciting entertainers, from fun trips to intricate projects, our program entertains, educates and challenges our participants. Led by Rabbi Chayim Alevsky.


Girl Scouts Troop 3131
Meets every other Sunday, see link for dates and more info.
Our famous girl scouts troop is led by Sarah Alevsky and Shoshana Blum. We will be working on some exciting badges and awards. One thing is for sure: This will be our best year yet!

GIRLS & BOYS, 11 - 13

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Training
Working together, the parents, learner and Rabbi Chayim will create a program and schedule that will result in the desired outcomes, whether it's to read the haftorah, Torah portion and/or to lead services at their Bar Mitzvah. Each child is different, and Rabbi Chayim assesses each child and helps create a program that fits his needs.

Morah Sarah oversees the Bat Mitvah learning. Before a girl is Bat Mitzvah at Chabad, we spend 6 months or more learning in depth about a topic that interests the learner, as well as learn about the basic obligations of a Jew, and specifically, a woman. Contact us by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] to discuss your child's upcoming Simcha!

Children, Teens, Adults with Special Needs and Disabilities
At Friendship Circle we create an Inclusive Community with extensive programming for children, teens and adults with special needs and disabilities. 

See about our Hebrew Schools below.

A Jewish educational experience for  kids in grades K-6 that is fun, meaningful and relevant. Your child will learn how to read and write Hebrew, pray, experience the Jewish holidays throughout the year, be familiar with the stories of the Torah and participate in Jewish rituals and traditions as part of a community. Your family will be welcomed into the CHS community and participate in Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations and parent/child learning programs throughout the year.

We meet  Wednesdays at Chabad of the West Side from  4 - 6 pm.

Our annual tuition is $1,000 and requires no congregational membership. Scholarships are available.

300.png Kivun is a Jewish after-school program developed for students who attend Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School. Classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Kivun means direction. It shares the root of the word Kavanah, which means intent and mindfulness. Our aim is to help children live consciously, incorporating Jewish values and Jewish literacy into their daily lives. Our great city is as an extension of our classrooms, with museums, parks and local establishments serving as alternate places to discover Judaism. Using an experiential and text-based approach, we focus on the importance of Jewish knowledge, community and joy as the foundation that will guide and inspire our students throughout their lives. 

Grades this year will be K - 5.

The children can be picked up from the school via bus and escorted to Chabad of the West Side, at 166 W.97th Street. Pick up will be from Chabad at 5:30 PM.

Kivun is a project of Chabad of the West Side, headed by Sarah Alevsky of Chabad Family Programs. Kivun is supported by a generous grant from The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life.



Chabad Kids Shul 
Meets Shabbat and Holidays at Chabad. Five age groups!
TODDLER (2-3)  KIDS SHUL (3-6)    
GIRLS SHUL (8-10) -  BOYS SHUL (9-13)

Holiday Celebrations
Kids Hakafot, Chanukah on Ice, Purim Party, Family Seder, Lag B'Omer Celebration and Shavuot Ice Cream Party.

Rabbi Chayim is also available for private Judaic and Hebrew reading tutoring, specializing in teaching children with learning differences. Email him at [email protected] to learn how he can help your child learn Hebrew!
Read Sarah's latest blog post on A Living Thriving Judaism here!
Upcoming Events
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