The Upper West Side is a vibrant Jewish community with plenty of Kosher food options and hotels in various price ranges.

We hope you find your stay here pleasant.

Here's some information about what's available in the area. 


Kosher Restaurants

Meat (Glatt)

Talia's Steak House- 668 Amsterdam Ave. Between 92 and 93. (212) 580-3770

Kasbah BBQ and Grill- 251 W. 85th Street. Between West End and Broadway. (212) 496-1500

Izzys BBQ- 660 Amsterdam Ave. Between 92 and 93. (347) 425-0524

Noi Due Carne- 141 W. 69th St. Between Broadway and Columbus Ave. (212) 712-2223


Dairy (Chalav Yisrael)

Patis Bakery and Café- 676 Amsterdam Ave. Corner of 93rd Street. (646) 449-8730

Bagels and Co- 391 Amsterdam Ave. Between 78th and 79th St. (212) 496-9400

Saba's Pizza- 403 Amsterdam Ave. Between 79th & 80th St.  (212) 787-1118

Noi Due Café- 491 Columbus Ave. Between 83rd and 84th St. (212) 712-2222

Noi Due Gelato- 489 Columbus Ave. Between 83rd and 84th St. (212) 712-2222


Grocery Stores 
Most Supermarkets in the neighborhood have a wide variety of Kosher products. As of now there is only one exclusively Kosher Supermarket.

Exclusively Kosher

Kosher Marketplace- 2442 Broadway, between 90 and 91 (212) 580-6378


Carry Kosher Products

West Side Market- 2589 Broadway. Between 98th and 99th St.

Key Food- 733 Amsterdam Ave. Corner of 96th St.

Fairway Supermarket- 2127 Broadway. 74th and 75th St.

Zabars- 2245 Broadway. Corner of 80th St.



Women’s Mikvahs

The West Side Mikvah- 236 West 74th St. Between Broadway and West End Ave. (212) 579-2011.

Chabad Upper East Side Mikvah 419 E 77th St. Between York and 1st Ave.  (212) 717-4613 ext. 3 or (212) 359-1741


Men’s Mikvahs

Babad Shul- 321 W 100th St. Between West End and Riverside Ave. The Mikvah is open during daily Shachrit services and Erev Shabbat



Night Inn- 215 W 94th St. (800) 329-1073

Hotel Newton 2528 Broadway. Between 94th and 95th St. (212) 678-6500

Youth Hostel- 891 Amsterdam Ave (212) 932-2300 

Beacon Hotel- 2130 Broadway at W 75th Street (212) 787-1100

On the Avenue- 2178 Broadway at W 77th Street (212) 362-1100

Bellclaire Hotel- 250 W 77th St. (212) 362-7700 


Shabbat Meals

Shabbat Dinners

Chabad of the West Side- We host occasional catered Shabbat Dinners at Chabad of the West Side.
Click here to see if we are having an event this Shabbat.
By advance reservation only.

Talia’s Steakhouse- Weekly Shabbat Dinners and Holiday Dinners are also available at a local Kosher Restaurant called Talia's Steakhouse.
Click here to reserve on their site.

Shabbat Lunch

Chabad of the West Side- Every Shabbat we have a light Kiddush Lunch following services at approximately 12:15 PM. All are welcome. No need to reserve. No charge. 
Click here to see the schedule for Shabbat services. 
The menu and quantity of food at the lunch/Kiddush varies and depends on the weekly sponsorship. There is always hot Cholent and Kugel. (There isn't always Challah).