Kugels.jpgRabbi Shlomo and Rivka Kugel  
Directors and Founders

Rabbi Shlomo Kugel is the director of Chabad of the West Side, which he started together with his wife, Rivka, 30 years ago in a small space on 103rd Street. The Rabbi's and Rivka's knowledge and Chassidic warmth have propelled the Chabad of the West Side forward over the last two decades.



Rabbi Shlomo Kugel: [email protected] 

Rebbetzin Rivka Kugel: [email protected]

212-864-5010 ext. 111




rmo and sarah.jpg

Rabbi Meir and Sarah Ossey
Associate Directors

Rabbi Meir Ossey is the co-director of Chabad of the West Side. Together with his wife Sarah, the Osseys helped grow Chabad and particularly the CELC into the force that it is today. Rabbi Ossey's divrei Torah and classes are a highlight of our Shul. Rabbi Ossey is also the director of the CELC.


Rabbi Meir Ossey: [email protected]

Rebbetzin Sarah Ossey: [email protected]

212-864-5010 ext. 112






pic bm.jpgRabbi Yisrael and Esther Miriam Fried
Mitzvah Workshops

Rabbi Yisroel Fried
is the Shul coordinator. Together with his wife Esther Miriam, the Frieds coordinate Friday night dinners, Shabbat kiddushes, special events and so much more at Chabad - all of which enhance and help grow the Shul. Rabbi Fried also runs the popular
 Mitzvah Workshops, that brings Matzah Bakeries, Olive Oil Press and Shofar Making Workshops to schools and synagogues throughout the city. 

Rabbi Yisroel Fried: [email protected]

Rebbetzin Esther Miriam Fried:  [email protected]

212-864-5010 ext. 113 


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Rabbi Chayim B. and Sarah Alevsky
Chabad Family Programs

Sarah Alevsky directs the  Chabad Family Programs of the West Side, Rabbi Chayim is the Director of Development. 
Sarah is the director of the Chabad Hebrew School and Kivun serving the students of Harlem Hebrew, and leads the Shabbat and holiday services at Chabad Shul for the "under 12" set. She also teaches weekly classes to women.

Chabad Family Programs also run the
holiday programs for families, girl scouts, boys club, kids clubs,  family adventure trips, and Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons. Camp Gan Izzy in the City a six week day camp is their latest program!

212.864.5010 ext 114 /[email protected] /[email protected]




Rabbi Mendel and Chayale Kugel 
Program Directors

Rabbi Mendel and Chayale coordinate the holiday celebrations, special events and weekly Torah learning for the Shul. He is also the person to contact if you'd like to host a simcha at Chabad.

They also founded and lead, together with Rabbi Yisrael and Chanchy Kugel, the popular Downstairs Shul for young professionals in their 20s and 30s. in addition to weekly services, the Downstairs Shul hosts their own events, Shabbat dinners and holiday celebrations.  

[email protected] 



Rabbi Eliyahu and Shayna Sapochkinsky
CTeen UWS Directors

The Sapos are co-directors at Cteen UWS Upper West Side, our programming for Middle and High schoolers.Cteen provides a warm environment to form strong friendships and foster Jewish pride. Through trips, Shabbatons, social events, and volunteering, teens have the opportunity to connect with themselves and their community.

[email protected]/ [email protected]



Chabad Early Learning Center

Morah Pearl Stroh, Educational Director

212-864-5010 ext. 121
[email protected]




Shternie Bulua, Assistant Director

212-864-5010 ext. 122
[email protected]