Once again, Chabad of the West Side is offering its popular Model Matzah Bakery, a hands-on educational experience that gives each child the chance to make his or her own Matzah, as did our ancestors over 3,300 years ago and have continued to do every year since. From mixing the flour and the water to rolling the dough to baking the Matzahs, each child will be able to participate in every stage of the process. In addition, every student takes wheat stalks, threshes and winnows them and grinds the wheat into flour with our authentic hand mill. At the end of the (approximately) one hour tour, all children will receive a hand baked Passover Shmura Matzah made in Israel.

Led by Rabbi Yisroel Fried of Chabad of the West Side


Appropriate Audience: The Matzah Bakery is ideal for children from ages 3 through 13, though children of slightly younger and older ages than that have participated in the past. Of course the Matzah Bakery is open to students of all backgrounds. In addition to Jewish Day schools and afternoon schools, many private and non-sectarian schools view this program as very beneficial to their students as well.


Dates: The program runs from  Wednesday, February 24 - Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

It is a good idea to make reservations as early as possible.

Many schools have already reserved for this program.

The cost: on Zoom there is a flat rate of $200 per session. In person, the cost is $11 per student.


Location: We can come to you, or you can come to us!

1. At your school. Set up can easily be arranged in one of your classrooms

or your cafeteria lunchroom.

2. At our location

For more information or to reserve your group, please contact us here

or at 212-864-5010 x 113.