Pre-Pesach Times

Bedikat Chametz (check for Chametz around your house): Sunday, April 21 after 8:12 PM

Finish eating Chametz: Monday morning, April 22, before 10:36 AM

Burn Chametz: Monday morning, April 22 before 11:45 AM

Pesach Times

Sunday, April 21

Bedikat Chametz (check for the Chametz): after 8:12 PM

Kol Chamirah, declaring unknown Chametz to be null and ownerless, is recited for the first time.
See here for details.

Monday, April 22 - Erev Pesach

Fast of the firstborn

Dawn (first born begin fasting): 4:31 AM

Shacharit: 8:00 AM - at the Chabad Annex, 676 Amsterdam Ave at 93rd St
Followed by a Siyum - celebrating the completion of a tractate of the Talmud - with Dr. Bertie Bregman

Finish eating before: 10:36 AM

Burn Chametz: before 11:45 AM

Recite the second Kol Chamirah statement, declaring any remaining Chametz, known or unknown, to be null and ownerless.

Yom Tov Candle Lighting: 7:25 PM

Minchah: 7:30 PM

Ma'ariv: 8:13 PM

Earliest time to begin the first Seder: 8:13 PM

Midnight: 12:53 AM

Tuesday, April 23 - First day of Pesach

Shacharit: 9:45 AM

Rambam Shiur: 6:25 PM

Minchah: 7:25 PM

Candle Lighting (from a pre-existing flame): after 8:28 PM

Begin preparing for Yom Tov (setting table, warming food from a pre-existing flame etc) after: 8:28 PM

Earliest time to start the second Seder: after 8:28 PM

Ma'ariv: 8:28 PM

Wednesday, April 24 Pesach Second Day

Shacharit: 9:45 AM

Rambam Shiur: 6:25 PM

Minchah: 7:25 PM

Ma'ariv & Havdallah: 8:29 PM

Friday, April 26 Erev Shabbat Chol Hamoed

Early Minchah: 6:30 PM

Early Kabalat Shabbat: 7:00 PM

Note: for those that start Shabbat early, candles should be lit before the family begins Shabbat. the earliest time to light Shabbat cnadles is 6:25 PM 

Shabbat candle lighting: 7:30 PM

Shabbat, April 27 - Shabbat Chol Hamoed

Shacharit: 9:45 AM

Rambam: 6:25 PM

Minchah: 7:25 PM

Ma'ariv & Havdallah: 8:33 PM


Sunday, April 28 Erev Shevi'i Shel Pesach

Yom Tov Candle Lighting: 7:32  PM

Minchah: 7:40 PM

Ma'ariv: 8:20 PM

Dawn: 4:19 AM

Monday, April 29 Shevi'i Shel Pesach

Shacharit: 9:45  AM

Rambam: 6:30 PM

Minchah: 7:30 PM

Light candles (from a pre-existing flame): after 8:35 PM

Begin preparing for second day of Yom Tov (setting table, warming food from a pre-existing flame etc): after 8:35 PM

Ma'ariv: 8:35 PM

Tuesday, April 30 Acharon Shel Pesach

Shacharit: 9:45 AM

Yizkor (aprox.) 11:30 AM

Early Minchah: 6:45 PM

Followed by Moshiach Seudah beginning at 7:00 PM

Sponsored by Yigal and Jacqueline Dakar
L'iluy Nishmas Jacqueline's parents, Alan and Nancy Saturn; Aharon Leib ben Shmuel and Fruma Sarah bat Asher Yaakov. May their memory be a blessing.

Ma'ariv & Havdallah: 8:36 PM

Yom Tov ends: 8:36 PM

Please allow the rabbi about an hour to buy back the chametz.

We wish everyone a Kosher and Happy Pesach and may we celebrate this Yom Tov together with Moshiach in the Third Temple !