Times and Schedule for Shabbat
Friday  - Shabbat, May 24 - 25, 2024
Torah Reading: Parshat Behar - Leviticus 25:1 - 26:2
Haftorah: Jeremiah 32:6 - 27
Friday night we count 32 days for the Omer - click  here for an Omer counting tool

Pirkei Avot: Chapter 4
For more about the importance of studying Pirkei Avot throughout the summer and many insights into Pirkei Avot, see  here 

Friday, May 24 - Erev Shabbat
Shabbat candle lighting: 7:51 PM
Note: for those that start Shabbat early, candles should be lit before the family begins Shabbat. Earliest time to light Shabbat candles (plag): 6:47 PM
Early Minchah: 6:30 PM
Dvar Torah: Rabbi Ossey
Early Kabbalat Shabbat: 7:57 PM

Shabbat, May 25  - Shabbat Day Parshah Class: 8:45 AM Shacharit: 9:45 AM
Dvar Torah: Rabbi Kugel

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Rambam class: 7:00 PM
 8:00 PM

Shabbat ends: 9:05 PM
Ma'ariv & Havdallah: 9:05 PM

Important Dates on the calendar
18 Iyar - Lag Baomer
Lag BaOmer, this year, Wednesday night and Thursday, May 18-19, is a festive day on the Jewish calendar, celebrating the anniversary of the passing of the great sage and mystic Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar. It also commemorates another event. In the weeks between Passover and Shavuot, a plague raged among the disciples of the great sage Rabbi Akiva. On Lag BaOmer the dying ceased.  Read more here.
Halachic Times
Earliest Talit & Tefillin (latest of the week): 4:32 AM 
Latest Shma (earliest of the week): 9:08 AM 

For all halachic times, see  www.chabadwestside.org/zmanim