Times and Schedule for Shabbat
Friday - Shabbat, February 23 - 24, 2024
Torah Reading:  Parshat Tetzaveh - Exodus 27:20- 30:10
Haftorah: Ezekiel 43:10 - 26

Friday, February 23 - Erev Shabbat Shabbat candle lighting: 5:22 PM
Minchah: 5:30 PM

Dvar Torah: Rabbi Kugel
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:00 PM

Shabbat, February 24   - Shabbat Day Parshah class: 8:45 AM
: 9:45 AM
Dvar Torah: Rabbi Kugel

Kiddush -   as of yet we do not have a sponsor for the Kiddush. 
To sponsor the Kiddush, in whole or in part, please click here

Last week's Kiddush was sponsored by Peggy Sarlin in honor of the upcoming wedding of Yossi Fried and Margalit Blesofsky. May they merit to build a Binyan Adei Ad, an everlasting edifice in Israel.

Minchah : 5:20 PM
Shabbat ends: 6:22 PM
Ma'ariv and Havdallah: 6:22 PM

Halachic Times

Earliest Talit & Tefillin (latest of the week): 5:50 AM

Latest Shma (earliest of the week): 9:17 AM
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